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Memorial Day (05/25/2017)

Happy early Memorial Day! I added a Quick Chip field to each of the entries on the map. This is important mainly so that visitors can see which businesses will not push PIN changes to offline PIN capable cards. Depending on how common QC implementation ends up becoming (currently Costco, Brookstone and O'Reilly Auto Parts of the major stores), this could be a significant issue for cards such as the Arrival+ from Barclaycard as online PIN support is still fairly lacking outside of some major retailers and PIN in general is tried for unmanned terminals when possible (not just outside the US as with most cards that support PIN for purchases).

As a side note, the few issuers that prefer offline PIN--such as UNFCU and Diners Club--either require PIN changes to happen at ATMs or simply don't allow them at all. Either approach is probably not realistic for cards that are supposed to prefer signature for all manned terminals, however, and is questionable for PIN preferring cards when ATMs don't really support it without hacks (such as having to change the PIN for Diners Club over the phone and then performing an ATM transaction to finalize it).

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Since last update, these major stores and restaurants came online/were added: