PIN pad

"PIN pad" means that there is a customer-facing device with a PIN pad. Businesses with only a merchant facing terminal but that pass the terminal to the customer for PIN preferring chip cards do not count despite allowing PIN entry. Businesses without this checked have a higher probability of acceptance issues with PIN preferring cards due to many of them having poor terminal positioning.

Apple/Android Pay

If this is checked, the business has a terminal that:

  1. Has NFC/contactless hardware built in,
  2. Has said hardware enabled, and
  3. Allows use of said hardware by customers.

Due to poor terminal positioning and training, many smaller businesses satisfy (1) and (2) but do not satisfy (3), in effect meaning that they do not accept contactless payment.

Works at the pump (gas stations only)

If this is checked, gas pumps at the listed service station enforce the service code on a chip-enabled card and require that the chip be used. This will likely manifest itself as being required to re-insert the card or not show any "remove card quickly" or similar prompts after insertion. Receipts will also print a line showing the card's AID.

Has pay at the table (restaurants only)

If this is checked, payment was performed by the server or by the customer using a device located at or brought to the table. This is usually accomplished by Ziosk tablets or similar at every table or by a device carried by the server such as Clover Mobile and the Ingenico iWL series.

Has unattended terminals

If this is checked, the business has EMV-enabled terminals that do not have an attendant readily available to check a signature and cannot accept one. These types of terminals are common at e.g. train stations in Europe and have been known to cause problems with most American credit cards (though it's unlikely that our cards will have issues at domestic unattended terminals). NOTE: this does not include self-checkouts as they are technically "attended" terminals and can accept a signature if required.

Has Quick Chip

If this is checked, the business has EMV-enabled terminals that allow customers to insert and remove their cards before the transaction has finished authorizing. This is an "optimization" measure designed for the US market to approximately match the pre-EMV behavior of some stores. Unfortunately, this also means that PIN changes for offline PIN capable cards will likely not be pushed at these stores; time will tell whether this becomes a significant problem.

Show heatmap

If this is checked, the site will generate a heatmap using the map data and the other criteria checked. This should be useful for getting a general idea of merchant concentration in a particular area. You will not be able to view or add individual listings while in this mode. Note that this is a beta feature and thus may have bugs.